Immersion v1.05
Difficulty ScaleTop ^
Normal Mode, Normal Difficulty, Consumed Elixir of Heroism
Normal Mode, Normal Difficulty
Normal Mode, Nightmare Difficulty, Consumed Elixir of Heroism
Normal Mode, Nightmare Difficulty
Normal Mode, Hell Difficulty, Consumed Elixir of Heroism
Normal Mode, Hell Difficulty
Hardcore Mode, Normal Difficulty, Consumed Elixir of Heroism
Hardcore Mode, Normal Difficulty
Hardcore Mode, Nightmare Difficulty, Consumed Elixir of Heroism
Hardcore Mode, Nightmare Difficulty
Hardcore Mode, Hell Difficulty, Consumed Elixir of Heroism
Hardcore Mode, Hell Difficulty
GameplayTop ^
Immersion is immensely different than Diablo II: Lord of Destruction; it features many changes not listed below.


Skill group bonuses from equipment are very rare. (+x to All Skills, etc.)
Characters begin play with a potion that can immediately increase your attributes and unlock skill tiers earlier.
Hardcore mode is immediately available. /Players X is disabled.


New and recolored images and animations are included for various items, missiles, enemies, and maps.
The majority of the graphical user interface is redesigned, to darken and enhance the visual quality of the game.
Text throughout the entire game is less confusing and descriptions are written more sensibly. Font size has decreased and text colors are expanded.


Skills have prerequisite attributes by class. There are no longer prerequisite skills, level requirements, or maximum skill levels.
Characters can select new, old, and hybrid skills across the skill trees of all characters.
Many skills have entirely new synergy bonuses and investment (hard point) synergies.


You can test your mettle against new enemies, new superuniques, and improved traps. New boss fights also await you.
Enemies are stronger, tougher, quicker, plentiful, and varied. Many have more aggressive AIs. Some have new skills at their disposal.
All unique enemies have new randomly-generated names and the majority of enemies are identified by new descriptions.


There are no longer any dirt paths running throughout the wilderness of Act 1. You must forge your own path.
There is a wildly different secret level to discover and there are no restrictions whatsoever on returning to it.
Shrines no longer reveal their true purposes until used. Their effects stack with each other and are no longer nullified by curses.
New maps of Lut Gholein and Kurast (by Dyze) increase your efficiency in town in Act 2 and Act 3.
The caves in Act 1 have recolored tiles (by SheX).


Character movement speed is increased and defense is no longer negated while running.
Character life no longer replenishes naturally and potions are both less abundant and less effective.
Character default light radius is decreased to darken gameplay.


Hireling vendors can dismiss your hireling before a dangerous battle, refunding half of their current resurrection gold cost.
Hireling resurrection costs are decreased to keep them alive and hireling movement is increased to better keep pace with characters.
Hireling-Only items (uniques, set items, runewords, etc.) give your merc new advantages in combat, but devour your life if you equip them.


Items are sold to vendors at a fraction of their prices. Vendors no longer sell magic items and may not sell yours back to you.
Gold is far more scarce than it used to be. Gold is more likely to drop from objects such as chests and unique/champion enemies.
Gambling odds (Rare, Set, and Unique) are significantly improved on all difficulties and gambling prices are much lower.


Level requirements are non-existant. Supplying lower-level characters is to be considered a reward earned alongside your level.
Characters have an expanded inventory, stash, and horadric cube. If that isn't enough space, PlugY (by Yohann) is included for near-unlimited storage.
Alchemical potions are sold by vendors, while weaker potions are only dropped by enemies. These varieties work well together. Belts hold potions by difficulty.
Global treasure tables have been optimized for challenging, fast gameplay. Many new affixes and magical properties enhance items found throughout the game.

Magic Items: Magic items no longer require identification, which is costly. Identify scrolls are now quite hard to come by.
Unique Items: You can find all of the original unique items and many new unique items. Characters start with a special new unique: the Horadric Soulsphere.
Set Items: You can find all of the original item sets and some new item sets. Each class has a new exceptional set and the original class sets are now composed of elite items.
Runewords: You can create all of the original and ladder runewords along with many new runewords, jewelwords, gemwords, and soulwords.
Alchemical Reagents: You can find alchemical reagents throughout the game, which enhance certain items in various ways.
Equipment Crafting: Characters now possess crafting skills to complement their equipment, if desired.
Equipment Tempering: You can purchase tools from a vendor and add the statistics you desire to your choice of equipment.
Superior/Inferior Items: High quality items can spawn with improved properties and low quality items have new uses also.
Inventory Charms: All charms are retitled with new graphics. Battle Standards (new 2x3 charms) are introduced.


Immersion runs on any version of Lord of Destruction.
Immersion auto-saves your character after you activate a new waypoint.
Saved games and shared stash files are now automatically backed up during game launch. (..\Diablo II\Immersion\Save\*.backup)
Screenshots taken in Immersion are dated, timestamped, and moved to their own subfolder on game exit. (..\Diablo II\Immersion\Screenshots\*.jpg)
An optional No-CD Loader (by Corni) is included, to play without spinning your CD-ROM to death. See the installation page for additional information.

ChangelogTop ^
Immersion v1.05 beta 1.05e (Patch Installer)
Areas: Added extended levels functionality
Areas: Heroes can now brave Lilith in The Matron's Den, by acquiring and using the Key of Terror
Areas: Heroes can now brave Uber Duriel in The Forgotten Tomb, by acquiring and using the Key of Hatred
Areas: Heroes can now brave Uber Izual in The Furnace of Pain, by acquiring and using the Key of Destruction
Areas: Heroes can now brave Uber Mephisto, Uber Baal, and Pandemonium Diablo in Uber Tristram, by acquiring and using Mephisto's Brain, Baal's Eye, and Diablo's Horn
Classes: Fixed a bug causing life, stamina, and mana to be calculated as an incorrect class; these stats now reset to their correct totals on game entry
Client/Misc: Various minor performance enhancements have been made (this is actually true of every patch)
Enemies: Sszark the Burning is now Fire Enchanted, rather than Extra Strong
Enemies: Talic now has life steal (1% Normal, 2% Nightmare, 3% Hell)
Enemies: Curse immune enemies (Fallen Shaman and Fetish Shaman) should no longer be affected by AI-based curses
Enemies: Living Fungi (Azurecaps, Suncaps, Gloomcaps, Acidcaps) are no longer immune to AI-based curses
Enemies: Lowered the life regeneration of some vampires
Enemies: Lowered the damage of the Lightning Spire's Lightning Bolt
Items: Corrected/Updated base items (Daikatana, Vicious Essence of Torment)
Items: Corrected/Updated set items (Thresh's Sockets)
Items: Added item-only skill scrolls and tomes (Poison Ball)
Items: Renamed base items ("Shadowblade" to "Kage Nakami")
Items: Balanced prices (Unique rings, amulets, and jewels)
Items: Added uniques (Hellfire Torch, Firefly Bulb, Anya's Charm Bracelet, Sszark's Spinnerets, Kaze No Yubi, Sixscore, Iki Nusumu, Fuhen Hasaki)
Items: All base weapons and armor now drop as intended
Items: Disabled the Sorrow's Trappings set
Items: Fixed item description functionality for quivers
Items: The Clover and Liquid Gold reagents now improve their target items via the cube again, rather than by cursor drop
Items: The Adept Malus and Oil of Fortitude reagents now specify maximum durability in their descriptions
Items: Soulsphere Soul Siphon activation now plays a different sound
Items: Allowed Wirt's Last Stand to be unsocketed simply by transmuting it alone
Items: Non-Gem Socket Fillers (Jewels, Souls, etc., and also Class Gems) no longer colorize items
Items: Keys are no longer sold by vendors other than Kresh
Items: Fixed several item colorization bugs (Items should colorize white properly now and an uncommon crash when first opening the inventory has been fixed)
Items: Barbarian tattoos are now destroyed on death, sold by vendors, and created using any grade of the gem required in the recipe
Items: The Golden Bird and Lam Esen's tome are now charms
Items: Runes are now "Runes" again, rather than "Runestones"
Objects: Wirt's leg/gold drop is more amazing
Objects: Two special obelisks now have a 1 in 250 chance of spawning in Act II and Act IV areas, rolled per area
Properties: Disabled the Sympathetic cursed prefix, which was not functioning correctly
Properties: Zero quantity text on items should now display in red
Skills: Corrected names/descriptions (First/Current/Next Level, Tearing The Shroud, Confuse, Vertigo)
Skills: Necromancer Desecrate aura life replenishment (granted to minions) may now exceed +4
Skills: Removed the range check for revived units when summoning an Umbral Nightmare
Skills: The overlay for Tearing the Shroud is now 75% transparent
Skills: Necromancer high undead (Bone Terror, Mockery of Life, and Umbral Nightmare) now occupy less space
Vendors/NPCs: Updated dialogues (Kresh)
Vendors/NPCs: Various Imbue/Socket/Personalize bugs have been fixed and success sound have been added
Vendors/NPCs: Rogue Explorers may provide a Level 1 Prayer aura (Chance: 20% Normal, 15% Nightmare, 10% Hell)
Vendors/NPCs: Hireling dismissal gold refunds can no longer increase player gold past their maximum
Vendors/NPCs: Hover descriptions for some NPCs have changed
Vendors/NPCs: Anya's Personalize ability adds +25-50% Magic Discovered across all difficulties
UI: Fixed the Stamina bar showing Unlimited Stamina when in possession of the Drain Stamina property
UI: Improved the Imbue/Socket/Personalize UI and added reward descriptions

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.05d (Patch Installer)
Areas: Activating an unvisited waypoint now auto-saves the game (but does not appear to save map progress)
Classes: Increased Necromancer life per level up (from 1.5 to 2), decreased Necromancer mana per level up (from 2 to 1.5)
Items: It is now possible to empower the Soulsphere with a new, per game ability; seek the sixth stone
Items: Attempts to upgrade basic tier quest items and unique items without exceptional counterparts now fail
Items: Khalim's Will and the Hellforge Hammer no longer have attribute requirements
Skills: Necromancer golems will no longer open doors
Skills: Iron Golem summoning no longer fails
UI: Corrected/Improved Displays (Gambling Odds Text, Level Up Text)
Vendors/NPCs: Removed Rogue Scout and Townsperson names from the automap and added automap text color adjustment functionality

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.05c (Patch Installer)
Items: Increased staff missile damage from 1/4 weapon damage to 1/2 weapon damage
Items: Auto-retrieval of gold is improved and gold can no longer be auto-retrieved by a player with corpses
Properties: Poison damage affixes now have a one second base length and zero poison damage affixes should no longer spawn on items
Quests: The Act 2 orifice interface no longer crashes the game
Vendors/NPCs: The second imbue/socket/personalize interface button no longer displays the text "Refresh" on mouse hover

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.05b (Patch Installer)
Vendors/NPCs: Fixed NPC travel options
Vendors/NPCs: Gamble odds also display in fullscreen mode

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.05a (Patch Installer)
Vendors/NPCs: Speaking to Akara after rescuing Cain no longer crashes the game

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.05 (Patch Installer)
Areas: Renamed areas ("The Cave" to "Coldcrow's Den")
Areas: Removed the single stairwell level of the Forgotten Tower
Classes: Enabled the Necromancer
Client/Misc: Versions of PlugY other than the bundled version (9.0) are now unsupported
Client/Misc: Mod version is now displayed on game entry rather than the personal journal
Client/Misc: Saved games and shared stash files are now automatically backed up during game launch (..\Diablo II\Immersion\Save\*.backup)
Items: Added uniques (Baby Seal Club, Sidestep, Starlight Ray, Sushi Helm, Nomad's Ashes, Ouroboros, Sirensong)
Items: Added runewords (Rush)
Items: Added item-only skill scrolls and tomes (Web Trail, Chaos Lightning)
Items: Renamed unique items ("Flab" to "Girth of Azmodan")
Items: Renamed base items ("Light Plate" to "Arcane Plate")
Items: Corrected/Updated uniques (Bloodtree Stump, Bladecradle, Skullpuncture, Bronzed Ring of N'gha, Darksight Helm, Rigor)
Items: Corrected/Updated runewords (Cast, Conquer, Kill, Integrity, Epoch, Gloom, Perish, Veil)
Items: Corrected the levels of some Sorceress scrolls
Items: Disabled class-related runewords (Covet, Quest, Commune, Calm)
Items: Corrected names/descriptions (Aldur's Rhythm, Burning Essence of Terror, Charged Essence of Hatred)
Items: Ephemera should now reanimate Mephisto properly (replacing the High Priest)
Items: Fixed stamina and endurance potion durations
Items: Peridots now increase poison absorb instead of reducing fatigue rate
Items: Gul Runestones increase poison absorb instead of reducing poison length and increase leech resistance instead of increasing attack rating
Items: Keys can now be added to or removed from a stack by right click
Items: Portal and Identify Scrolls can now be removed from tomes by right-click in town
Items: The Liquid Gold and Clover reagents are no longer deleted if enhancing an item fails (when the stat is already present)
Items: The Brain reagent now poisons you, draining life for a 30 second duration (Necromancers with Blood Nova may want to invest in these)
Items: Vendors in all acts now sell low level scrolls
Items: Dampening Stones now correctly randomly downgrade gems
Items: Added description text functionality for unique items
Items: Added "carry only x of this item" functionality for unique items
Items: The Personal Journal now correctly displays a penalty to Magic Item or Gold Discovery
Items: The Personal Journal now displays Hireling Kills (Characters from previous versions can right-click the journal to update it's description)
Items: Limited-carry charms now display their limit differently (Characters from previous versions can pick up and set down these items to update them)
Items: Equipped tempered items now gain stat bonuses when equipped during a level-up
Items: Adjusted cost and rarity of charms
Items: Charms no longer get cursed magic properties (red text affixes)
Items: Removed str-based/dex-based kick damage from boots, for the time being
Items: Souls (except the Gloom Essence reagent) cannot be sold
Items: Fixed Barbarian primal helm drop rate
Items: Mostly removed class item drops for the unavailable classes
Items: Added jewelry unsocketing recipes
Items: Mystery Gem Cases are now working correctly, and up to three can be purchased from a vendor at a time
Items: Various potion names are no longer enclosed in brackets
Items: Added stackable item dyes to the game, as a global chest drop
Items: Tomes no longer stack with each other
Items: Wands now bestow Necromancer skill bonuses again
Items: Staves no longer give bonus attack speed based on cast speed (and old items should self-adjust when moved)
Items: Staves (with the exception of the Staff of Kings and the Horadric Staff) now fire arcane bolts during attacks
Enemies: Corrected names/descriptions (Fallen)
Enemies: Balanced skills/stats (Fallen Portals, Yetis, Bronze Titans, Corrupt Rogues, Rogue Lancers, Rogue Archers)
Enemies: Reanimated and revived enemies fade (except for Necromancer Netherspirits) and possess a light radius
Enemies: The vanilla Mana Burn (possessed by unique enemies) bug is fixed (Mana damage is not multiplied by 256)
Enemies: Mephisto's awareness range has been increased on Normal Difficulty
Enemies: Coldcrow now has multishot
Enemies: Unique/Superunique enemy random auras levels adjusted (Enemies cannot spawn with Thorns until Nightmare, Holy Freeze until Act II, Holy Shock until Act III)
Enemies: Unique/Superunique enemies with a random aura may spawn with Defiance again
Enemies: Act 2 Fire Towers are now neutral constructs
Enemies: Monster teleportation is fixed
Enemies: Fallen Shaman curse immunity is fixed
Enemies: Diablo is now 100% Leech Resistant, on all difficulties
Enemies: Neutral enemies should no longer spawn in groups and then immediately attack each other
Enemies: Superunique enemies no longer spawn with the unique "Cursed" modifier
Quests: A hidden, repeatable side-quest objective with variable rewards has been added in the Cold Plains
Skills: Corrected names/descriptions (Synergies, Crafting Skills, Iron Skin, Diamond Soul, Collateral Damage, Single-Handed Combat, Dual-Handed Combat, Berserk, Skylord, Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt, Charged Bolt)
Skills: New text for first/current/next level in skill descriptions, including icon hover
Skills: Balanced enemy Thorns aura
Skills: Further increased the aggressiveness the Storm Servant and Skylord AIs
Skills: The Teleport Nova chance synergy is fixed
Skills: The Concussion stun duration and magic damage conversion are fixed
Skills: Skills requiring weapons now require them to be unbroken
Skills: Pledge of Provision gives the correct amount of magic find per mana
Skills: Rapid Onslaught is now a new passive skill
Skills: Fixed the Berserk damage conversion synergy
Skills: Skills requiring weapons and melee attacks no longer work while unarmed
Skills: Fire Bolt, Charged Bolt, and Ice Bolt fire odd numbers of missiles
Skills: Nova minimum lightning damage is now always 1
Skills: Necromancer minions have new and improved AIs
Properties: Added properties (Poison Absorb, Poison Absorb%, Poison Absorb per Level, Leech Resistance, Pierce Damage Resistance)
Properties: Added affixes ("Hospitalar's", "of Preparedness", "Twisting", "of Prevention", "Empowered", "Sentencing", "Warming")
Properties: Balanced/Corrected affixes (Life Replenishment, Mana Regeneration, scarab elemental damage affixes, quiver affixes, amulet/ring affixes, etc.)
Properties: Updated stat display (Melee Dodge, Quantity)
Properties: Fixed colored light radiuses on items such as torches (which probably does not fix items retroactively)
Properties: Character base stamina is now halved
Properties: Kills accumulate even while the Personal Journal is not in your inventory
Properties: Many more affixes now colorize items
Vendors/NPCs: Removed the reference to a recipe that no longer exists from Cain's Horadric Cube dialogue
Vendors/NPCs: Hirelings have actual lifebars on mouse hover (with skills like Unsummon)
Vendors/NPCs: Hireling lifebars show the correct amount of life while in town
Vendors/NPCs: Idle dialogue functionality has been improved for NPCs outside towns
Vendors/NPCs: Elzix's hover description now lists ranged weapons
Vendors/NPCs: Alkors's hover description now lists gambling
Vendors/NPCs: Fixed the unselectability bug resulting from immediate dismissal after hiring
Vendors/NPCs: Corrected NPC dialogue box placement
Vendors/NPCs: The gambling interface now includes a refresh button and odds display
Vendors/NPCs: Gambling odds have significantly increased (in the players favor; all difficulties)
UI: Improved Displays (Mini Panel, Experience Bar, Stamina Bar, Quantity, Durability)
UI: Added Displays (Experience Bar, Skill Delay Indicator)
UI: Added some properties to PlugY character pages
UI: Stat bonuses are now displayed on level-up
UI: Replaced the gigantic font (trademark screen, help screen) with the regular font
UI: Windowed mode no longer displays the standard game panel
UI: In windowed mode, the clear button (default: spacebar) now hides/shows the game panel after closing other panes
UI: Switched the font for items on the ground
UI: The Skill Speedbar can fit an additional icon per row (16 at 800x600 or 13 at 640x480)

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.04 (Patch Installer)
Client/Misc: Gold is now auto-retrieved from the ground (while outside town)
Items: Added item types (arcane bracers)
Items: Added uniques (Rule of Three, Spellfuse, Tal Rasha's Reckoning)
Items: The dampening stone reagent can now reduce the skill level of scrolls or tomes
Items: Lam Esen's Tome no longer gives skill bonuses
Quests: Meshif's Sail East dialogue option correctly appears at the end of Act II
Quests: Gheed's fifth scavenger hunt (Silver Soul Shard) now requires any 4 superior weapons/armors
Skills: Corrected names/descriptions (Cold Spirit Familiar, Fire Spirit Familiar, Lightning Spirit Familiar, Charged Bolt)
Skills: The mana cost of Teleport is fixed
Skills: Cold Mastery now correctly grants a bonus to cold skill damage
Skills: Teleport is now line of sight only
Skills: The Spore Clouds skills possessed by Acidcaps/Gloomcaps/Suncaps are rebalanced
Skills: Charged bolt now fires a minimum of 5 bolts
UI: Average chance to hit or be hit by enemies no longers displays on mouseover in the character screen
Vendors/NPCs: Corrected Akara's "Items : Mutability" Lore dialogue
Vendors/NPCs: Many adjustments have been made to the Rogue Explorers in the Cold Plains

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.03 (Patch Installer)
Enemies: Corrected names/descriptions (Oblivion Knights, Unravelers)
Enemies: Adjusted drops (Fallen, Eldritch the Rectifier, Thresh Socket)
Enemies: Balanced skills/stats (Thorn Hulks, Fallen Shaman, Flying Scimitars, Izual)
Enemies: Cursed superunique enemies are now Extra Strong or ignore target defense
Enemies: A new enemy thrives in the Underground Passage, Dark Wood, and Far Oasis
Enemies: A new superunique enemy lurks in the caves of Act I
Items: Added items (Broken Soul, Scrolls, Tomes)
Items: Added uniques (Thenorris, Void Channel, Lucretia, Irice's Shard, Skycarve, Adria's Foresight, Darklight Chamber, The Orb of Animate Dreams, Theilea's Burning Bouquet, Bronzed Ring of N'gha, Misshapen Scowl, The Harbinger)
Items: Corrected names/descriptions (Torches, Orchid, Liquid Gold, Clover, Horadric Soulsphere, Coin Pouches, Spirit Forge, Glyphs, Scrolls, Tomes, Flesh Trisector)
Items: Updated graphics/sounds (Adept Malus, Coin Pouches)
Items: Balanced stats (Buckler, Sorrow's Trappings, Thresh's Sockets, Flab, Ephemera, Helios Glow, Vertebra, Bone Crest, Martyr's Folly, Emperor Jewel)
Items: Balanced requirements (Arcane Mail, Light Plate, Ancient Plate, Occult Mail, Mage Plate, Ornate Plate, Cryptic Mail, Archon Plate, Sacred Plate, Anklet, Ankle Chain, Odyssey Chain)
Items: Balanced prices (Torches, Key, Cursed Properties)
Items: Renamed "Torch" to "Black Torch"
Items: Renamed "Heavy Boots" to "Reinforced Boots"
Items: Renamed all Sorrow's Trappings set items
Items: Glyphs should no longer drop unidentified
Items: The unique Helios Glow now only drops on Hell difficulty
Items: The Barbarian River Tattoo no longer has belt slots
Items: Characters start the game with the horadric cube, soulsphere, and personal journal (rather than scrolls that create the items)
Items: Tempered and crafted items no longer have randomly-generated names
Items: Torches are now a consumable item, to provide 120 seconds of additional light radius
Items: The Horadric Soulsphere now absorbs souls by cursor drop (cube recipes still exist, for the time being)
Items: The Liquid Gold and Clover reagents now enhance items by cursor drop (cube recipes no longer exist; other reagents will likely follow)
Items: The hireling runewords Fall and Triumph can be made in any weapon a hireling can equip (1-Handed Melee Weapon, Bow, Crossbow, Spear, Polearm, Sword)
Objects: Updated chest drops
Properties: Updated stat display (Durability, Damage vs. Undead, Damage vs. Demons)
Properties: Properties on items with a crafting skill bonus should display properly (Epoch, etc.)
Properties: Uniques with a skill bonus to Single-Handed Combat should display correctly (Minotaur Flesh, etc.)
Properties: Renamed affix "Charitous" to "Charitable"
Properties: Renamed affix "of Entwined Elements" to "of Convergence"
Properties: Renamed affix "Secret Recipes Improve this item" to "Secret Recipes Affect this item"
Recipes: Soul shard recipes should socket shields correctly
Recipes: Normal items now receive a greater bonus to damage or defense when being made temperable
Recipes: Inferior and superior items are now temperable
Recipes: The Dampening Stone reagent now correctly downgrades gems randomly
Recipes: Classes can no longer attune the class-only items of other classes
Recipes: Added general recipes to create rare jewelry, magic ammunition, and some normal throwing weapons
Quests: Items in the cube will no longer blink when Khalim's Will is set inside (as the game attempts to play the cube lighting graphic)
Quests: Larzuk should add the correct amount of sockets and magic properties to items through the Add Sockets dialogue option
Quests: Anya should add the correct amount of magic properties to items through the Personalize dialogue option
Quests: Returning the tome in Act III now awards 4 attribute points
Quests: Hireling vendors will no longer have a dismiss hireling dialogue option if you never acquired a hireling
Quests: Added 2 new Gheed's Scavenger Hunts on Normal difficulty
Skills: Corrected names/descriptions (Shiver Armor, Chilling Armor, Charged Bolt, Nova, Storm Servant, Awakening The Ancients, Collateral Damage)
Skills: Corrected LCS/PlugY CS display (Warmth, Single-Handed Combat, Dual-Handed Combat)
Skills: Sorceress Familiars now grant attributes by percentage again (+x% Strength, Dexterity, or Vitality)
Skills: The missile of Poison Ball (an enemy/item skill) now passes through targets
Skills: The TBA skills now cap at 1 point
Skills: Crafting skills now allow purchase with 2 unspent skill points
Skills: Removed the seldom-noticed Left Hand Throw skill
Skills: Storm Servants and Skylords have a longer tether to the player
Skills: Kinetic Consumption has an increased, scaling delay
Skills: Hydra fire bolts have increased range and velocity
Skills: Howl now has a 2 second cast delay
Skills: Whirlwind damage and damage per level have doubled
Skills: Earth Ward damage is increased
Skills: Teleport now has a chance to cast Nova at the target destination
Skills: Barbarian Pledge skill synergies should now function correctly
Skills: Unity crafting skills now allow the use of lower grade gems at higher skill levels (albeit for a lesser benefit)
UI: Party/Minion icons are redone
Vendors/NPCs: Cain identifies all items at lesser costs
Vendors/NPCs: Tempering Tome dialogue is slightly updated for easier readability
Vendors/NPCs: Cows in Act 1 can no longer be walked through (and brighten on hover!)
Vendors/NPCs: Akara now has an "Items : Mutability" Lore dialogue

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.02 (Installer)
Areas: The automap (minimap) no longer crashes the game in Act I (wilderness or secret level)
Client/Misc: Mod version is now displayed on the personal journal rather than the main menu
Client/Misc: PlugY.exe is no longer included in the installation, as it is unnecessary
Enemies: A new enemy infests the Dry Hills in Act II
Enemies: Corrupt Rogues movement speed is decreased
Enemies: Fallen Realm Portals have a longer delay between spawning (Normal and Nightmare difficulty)
Items: Gems have a different drop sound
Items: The attunement recipe functions correctly for Barbarians
Items: Glyphs should now drop correctly in the intended areas
Items: Corrected the description on the platinum soul shard
Vendors/NPCs: Akara now has new lore dialogues explaining attunement and unsocketing

Immersion v1.05 beta 1.01 (Patch)
Skills: Hovering the Attack skill should no longer crash the game
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