Immersion v1.05
by Demon9ne
I. Immersion is a mod designed for compatibility with Diablo II: Lord of Destruction for the PC. Attempting to use the files contained within this archive for another purpose could result in damage to your software, hardware, and/or general well-being and if such a thing were to occur, I deny all responsibility for the resulting damage. Use the files in this archive at your own risk.
II. Immersion is only intended for mature audiences. If you are easily-offended, please seek another past-time activity; like knitting. Immersion may not be appropriate for children.
III. Immersion is intended for Single Player and TCP/IP games only. Immersion is not intended for use with and such an attempt qualifies as misuse of these files. Do not attempt to mix the two. Let's be realistic: sucks anyway.
IV. Immersion is not intended to be compatible with third-party software. Immersion is not intended to function with any files or software not included in the installation.
V. Immersion is intended to be compatible with the English language installation of Diablo II only. Translation of Immersion into other languages is not planned.
Character Compatibility
Characters from Immersion v1.05 beta 1.00 - 1.04 are compatible with Immersion v1.05 beta 1.05.
Characters from Immersion v1.04 or previous versions are incompatible with Immersion v1.05 beta 1.00 - 1.05.

Always backup your save folder before starting a new version of Immersion.
Installed Content
..\Diablo II\Immersion\Save - Immersion Saved Characters Folder (Created during the first launch of Immersion)
..\Diablo II\Immersion\Screenshots - Immersion Saved Screenshots Folder (Created during the first launch of Immersion)

..\Diablo II\Immersion\*.dll - Immersion Mod Data
..\Diablo II\Immersion\D2Immersion.exe - Immersion Mod Launcher
..\Diablo II\Immersion\D2ImmersionAlt.exe - Immersion Mod Alternate Launcher
..\Diablo II\Immersion\Game.110 - LoD v1.10 Game.exe
..\Diablo II\Immersion\Game.nocd - LoD v1.10 Game.exe No-CD Loader
..\Diablo II\Immersion\Immersion.mpq - Immersion Mod Data (While Immersion is running, this file is named Patch_D2.mpq)
..\Diablo II\Immersion\Immpatch.mpq - Immersion Mod Patch
..\Diablo II\Immersion\Readme.htm - Immersion Documentation
Q: How do I launch Immersion?
A: If there is no desktop shortcut to launch Immersion, create a shortcut to ..\Diablo II\Immersion\Immersion.exe to launch the mod.

Q: I have the file PlugY.exe in my Immersion mod folder. Why is it not listed above?
A: Immersion versions after Beta 1.01 no longer include this file. You can delete it.

Q: After experiencing a shutdown while playing Immersion, I have noticed renamed/missing files in the Diablo II folder and/or Immersion mod folder. What should I do?
A: Run Immersion as you normally would. The Immersion Launcher should correct the issues and/or inform you of which files are missing or corrupted, so that you can seek proper help, if necessary.

Q: Why does Immersion fail to run? (Windows Vista)
A: You may need administrator priviledges to run Immersion. Right click on the Immersion desktop shortcut and select Run as administrator.

Q: Why does Immersion fail to run when I attempt to play without the CD? (Windows Vista or higher OS)
A: Attempt the following steps to correct this issue:
1. In the Immersion mod folder, rename Game.nocd to Game.exe in Windows Explorer.
2. Right-click the file and select Properties.
3. Under Compatibility Mode, ensure that Windows XP (Service Pack 2) is selected and the relevant box is checked.
4. Under Settings, ensure that Disable Desktop Composition is checked.
5. In the Immersion mod folder, rename Game.exe back to Game.nocd.
6. Reboot your computer (which can alone fix this problem sometimes) and attempt to run Immersion.
7. Determine whether or not you can run Immersion with the CD.

Q: Why does Immersion fail to run when PlugY 10 is installed?
A: Immersion is "pre-packaged" with PlugY 9, and the two are integrated. If you have a PlugY 10 plugy.dll in your Diablo II folder, move it to elsewhere while running Immersion to ensure that Immersion's PlugY 9 plugy.dll runs with the mod.

Q: Why am I receiving a "Invalid root in registry key" error when attempting to run Immersion?
A: Immersion's launcher is having trouble locating your installation via the Windows Registry. Attempt to run the game using Immersion's alternate launcher instead.

Q: Why am I receiving a "Windows - No Disk" error message when attempting to play without the CD?
A: The cause of this error is unknown. Repeatedly clicking on Continue in the error window should launch Immersion. You might also attempt to reboot or play with the CD.

Q: I experienced a crash while playing Immersion or an issue not addressed here. What do I do?
A: Visit the D2Immersion Forum and download the most recent version. If you have the most recent version installed, post the details of your crash or issue under Feedback.

Q: Why has this mod been in beta for it's entire lifespan?
A: The original intention was to label Immersion as being in a "beta" stage while less than the full amount of characters were included/playable. As development continued though, characters (skills, namely) became the most tedious part of the development process. As such, "beta" has become a permanent inclusion in Immersion's version numbering schema. Should Immersion develop to the point where all of the characters are playable, "beta" will be omitted from the version name.
Known Bugs
Client/Misc: On mouseover of an enemy or NPC through a hotbar icon, their lifebar will not appear
Client/Misc: In the inventory and stash, gold cannot be deposited if the belt rows are open
Hirelings: Act 3 Eastern Sorcerers cannot equip a weapon or shield through drag-and-drop on their hireling icon
Hirelings: Act 5 Axe Barbarians can only wield one axe, because hirelings were never meant to dual-wield
Hirelings: Act 5 Axe Barbarians may appear as Sword Barbarians when hired, requiring a save and exit
Hirelings: Hireling ring slots do not distinguish left and right correctly on equip/unequip
PlugY: The character stats interface may not correctly display the bonuses/penalties of passive skills
Skills: Oskills belonging to the five non-playable classes may not function correctly until those classes are included
Skills: The Mockery of Life minion animations are a bit pixelated
UI: The Skill Speedbar cannot fit more than 16 icons per row (800x600 mode), despite there being 17 skills per tree
Vendors/NPCs: Hirelings leave corpses when dismissed
Vendors/NPCs: NPC scrolling text bounces

False Positives (Intentional/Temporary Known Bugs)

Hirelings: Act 5 Axe Barbarians spawn with bloody-looking axes, but their appearance changes after using a waypoint
Hirelings: Hirelings can use mana potions
Items: Unique/set items of the same types have the same rarities
Items: The vanilla LoD "Peace Bug" still exists
Items: The vanilla LoD Resistance Scroll bug still exists
Items: Non-consumable reagents can be placed in belt slots
PlugY: Items acquired previous to v1.05 beta 1.03 with Enemy (Element) Resistance +/- x% may not display correctly in PlugY's character stats
Vendors/NPCs: Rogue Explorers in Act I are attackable, but cannot be harmed by the player

Contact Information
To report bugs or leave feedback, visit the D2Immersion Forum.
To Uninstall Immersion, simply delete the Immersion mod folder, start menu folder, and desktop shortcut. (This will also delete Immersion's saved characters and screenshots.)
Copyright / Distribution
All imported item and animation graphics contained within this archive are the property of their respective owners. All other imported files compromising Immersion are my intellectual property. As such, do not separately distribute anything contained in this archive. The archive, if left in it's entirety, is "freeware" and may be distributed freely, person-to-person, while intact. Immersion's "source code" is not available at this time (for any version of the mod), nor is it likely to be in the future. All original files comprising Diablo II: Lord of Destruction are the copyrighted property of Blizzard Entertainment.
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Special Thanks to Kingpin and Necrolis for their exclusive contributions to the project, as well as family, friends, and anyone I may have forgotten.
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